Social Responsibility

Diepsloot is one of the many township of Johannesburg in South Africa. The youth unemployment rate here is over 60%. We support young professionals to be successful in becoming a professional or entrepreneur by sharing 1% of our revenue and time for education, workshops and other activities.

Partnership with Net4kids

Freeday works together with Net4kids. Net4kids is the children’s aid organization for companies. Net4kids makes it possible for vulnerable, but talented boys and girls worldwide,
our next generation, to reach their full potential. By empowering entrepreneurs who take their social responsibility with their 1% For the Next Generation CSR program.

The principle is as powerful as it is simple: Freeday contributes 1% of its profit and time. What we do is based on the needs of the students in Diepsloot, South Africa.

Unlock Human Potential

Freeday supports the ‘Skills Development’ project. This project is the result of a collaboration between Net4kids and local partner organization in South Africa, Rhiza. The project focuses on young people between the ages of 18-35 in Diepsloot. This is a township near Johannesburg in South Africa. In this project, young talent gets vocational training courses that match the demands of the local labor market. This includes training such as financial administration, IT and other entrepreneurial skills like marketing. The training courses increase the chances of finding a job or becoming successful in starting a new business. These new companies also create more employment opportunities in the slums. The development of entrepreneurs and companies takes place in local business hubs. These are business centers with office facilities where the training courses are also given.

At Freeday, we believe that with the support and ownership of the local community we can help to create the ripple effect. More and more people can use their talents and skills. Or are positively affected or inspired by this project indirectly.

This fits in seamlessly with our mission: Unlock Human Potential.