What is a digital employee?

A digital employee is basically a set of technologies. It takes over human work within repetitive, manual and cognitive processes. A digital employee can think, communicate and handle tasks and interactions. For this it makes use of the combination of Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Conversational Automation.
From collecting and entering information to validating and consolidating data from different programs. Our digital employees significantly reduce the workload. This way your colleagues can focus on what really matters. No worries, they can perform without changing existing infrastructure and systems.

The benefits of a digital employee

We develop the fastest and best digital employees for your team. This way you and your colleagues no longer have to do the time consuming and tedious work. Our digital employees are getting smarter with every single task they perform.

Direct cost savings

Our digital employees are up to 50% cheaper than traditional hiring of a workforce

24/7 available

Our digital employees are perfectly healthy and never go to sleep mode

Scalable & flexible

Our digital employees can be scaled up and down every month

Safe & flawless

Our digital employees ensure a 99% error reduction, work safely and can be hosted in various ways

Five times faster

One digital employee works up to five times faster than a normal employee


Buen día! Goedendag! Bonjour! Bom día! Hello! Our digital employees are true polyglots and perform just as smoothly within an international environment



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