IT support assistant

Professional group: IT helpdesk
Function: IT support assistant
Save: Up to 5.000 euro per month

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Always available: 24/7 support

Opens, closes and manages support tickets


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About Richard

Every day, the ICT ServiceDesk encounters repetitive IT service tasks. Employees open new support tickets and ask for troubleshooting or escalate pending tickets. This can for example be an incident related to the maintenance of the cameras. Since the IT ServiceDesk department always takes the same necessary actions to these kinds of incidents, Richard is used.

Our digital employee Richard is trained to request all relevant information and provide advice based on this information. If Richard cannot assist the employee, he will forward the question to the IT service desk or submit an IT service request. Since Richard handles all repetitive questions, the rest of the IT support team can focus on the more complicated questions.

Richard will report his performance in a dashboard. Here you can monitor the number of tasks he has performed, the quality and more insightful indicators of Richard.

Richard is part of the digital workforce of Freeday, together with Jessy (HR assistant), John (Finance & Accounting assistant), Jennifer (Customer Service assistant) and Florence (Healthcare assistant) he helps to unlock the human potential at departments by taking over repetitive tasks.

Responsibilities of Richard
Open, Close and Manage Support Tickets
Creating accounts
Password resets
Unlock Accounts
Wi-Fi Setup and Troubleshooting
Single Sign-On Troubleshooting
Lost Device Reporting
New Equipment Requests

IT support assistant

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