Use Case: Use a voice bot to schedule a healthcare appointment

Mary Evans
Last updated: 16 Jun 2022

Use Case: Use a voice bot to schedule a healthcare appointment

Mary Evans
Last updated: 16 Jun 2022

Use Jennifer, our digital employee, to improve patient experience when needing to schedule a healthcare appointment.

The Challenge

To schedule a healthcare appointment is an important part of healthcare. Yet, this task takes up time that healthcare professionals cannot spend doing other equally as and even more important tasks. The patient, on the other hand, still needs the appointment to be made in a trustworthy and fool-proof way. Patients have to be kept calm and relaxed, they need reliable information, and to make sure their appointment is properly administered.

The Solution: Use a digital employee to schedule a healthcare appointment

To solve the challenge of limited time versus quality service Freeday has created Jennifer to take the task of scheduling appointments over from the healthcare professionals. Patients can easily schedule and appointment using a voice bot without any hassle while the professionals are unburdened by the additional task. The process is in place to support the professionals by helping patients in an trustworthy and stable way.

The Results

Prospective and current patients are able to call the healthcare’s office and interact with Jennifer over the phone, they can then ask her to make an appointment for a date and time. The appointment is then scheduled into the calendar and database and can be prepared for. Jennifer will ask for the patient’s name, date of birth, and phone number. The patient will also be asked what the appointment is for which can be added as a note in the appointment. When a patient needs additional support they will be handed over to a human employee who can help them with more intricate details.

Jennifer brings a positive experience and is available 24/7


Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce – WhatsApp – Facebook Messenger – Zendesk –  SAP – and more!

Below you can find a demonstration of a customer calling with the voice bot Jennifer in order to schedule an appointment. The video can be watched best in full screen and with sound on.

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