Use Case: Find a package pick-up location

Mary Evans
Last updated: 8 Jul 2022

Use Case: Find a package pick-up location

Mary Evans
Last updated: 8 Jul 2022

An interaction with digital customer service employee Jennifer to improve accuracy of finding pick-up locations.

The Challenge: Finding a pick-up location

Customer service agents working for postal and delivery services spend a lot of time conversing with customers, for example answering questions about where the best and nearest pick-up location is. This task takes a lot of time that can be better spent on other, more complex, jobs. However, it is also essential that the users gets the easiest and best pick-up location. All the while the customer needs to be helped in a fast yet trustworthy way.

The Solution: Use a digital employee to find a pick-up location

To solve the challenge of limited time versus quality service Freeday has invented Jennifer to take over the task of finding a location to pick up for the customer where their package can be picked up. Users can easily schedule and appointment using a chat without any hassle while the customer service agents are unburdened by the additional task of responding to the customer and having to look a location up.

The Results

To ensure quick and easy information Jennifer is set up to find the best pick-up location for every user and to give them all the information need. Through a chat users can ask for a pick-up location answer a couple of short questions, or enter their location. This way Jenifer can find the nearest location for people to pick-up their package. The process is quick, simple, trustworthy, and most of all is a positive experience for the user.

Jennifer brings a positive experience and is available 24/7


Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce – Zoho Inventory – WhatsApp – Facebook Messenger – Zendesk –  SAP – Google- and more!

Below you can find a demonstration of a customer messaging Jennifer on Facebook Messenger in order to find a location to pick up their package. The video can be watched best in full screen.

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