Use Case: Digital chat assistant to elevate leaving reviews

Mary Evans
Last updated: 8 Jun 2022

Use Case: Digital chat assistant to elevate leaving reviews

Mary Evans
Last updated: 8 Jun 2022

Connect with our customer service agent Jennifer using a digital chat to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency when leaving reviews in the hospitality and travel industry.

The Challenge

Every guest that stays with a hotel or has eaten a meal at a restaurant will have formed an opinion on the service. For the companies it is useful when they are informed by this opinion and any feedback given by guests can be worked upon by leaving reviews. This does not only count for negative reviews, but also positive reviews, as they can show potential guests what the experience is like.

Leaving reviews is something guests do voluntarily, and take time and energy doing. So when reviewing a place reviewers should be able to do this with minimal burdens and in a positive manner. It can take up quite some time from the customer service end of things. as getting feedback, especially negative feedback, guests can become heated. Upset guests have to be placated, while not taking up too much of the employees time.

The Solution: Using digital employees to leave reviews

Jennifer is programmed to help guests leave reviews. Once the user opens the chat she gives them an option to rate the experience. This is done by guiding the reviewer to answer questions through a chat. The user is also given the option to elaborate on their rating by writing an additional piece of text to publish. 

The Results

Reviewers can explain their experience through interacting with Jennifer. This happens in an efficient and precise way. It brings a positive experience to the guests, while unburdening the customer service employees needing to write all the feedback down. Instead reviewers are helped by a digital employee who helps them through the process in a quick yet trustworthy way, so they don’t give up on the review before submitting it.

Jennifer improves the customer experience and saves time


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Below you can find a demonstration of a guest leaving a review using Jennifer in Messenger. The video can be watched best in full screen.

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