Use Case: Check delivery status via chat

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 6 May 2022

Use Case: Check delivery status via chat

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 6 May 2022

A chat service (multi channel options) with Freeday’s digital employee Jennifer to check delivery status via chat  of mobile app services like Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger. It brings more convenience for customers as they can choose their preferred channel to interact with a delivery service. 

The Challenge

The needs and desires of customers are changing fast. They expect speed, direct interaction, convenience and the option to choose via which channel they communicate with brands and services. Many companies find it hard to develop their services towards these preferred channels. Often due to packed IT backlogs. 

The Solution: Check delivery status via chat

Customers can check its delivery status via selected channels directly with their mobile phone. As Freeday trains a digital assistant to perform the task, companies do not need to block precious IT resources to make steps forward into delivering customer happiness and convenience. For delivery services this is also an important asset towards their clients, for instance ecommerce platforms and webshops. Additionally Jennifer can also push notifications via preferred channels to keep customers informed. This way expectations are not only met, they are outperformed.

The Results

Customers are happier and feel recognized and in control of their way of checking their delivery statuses. While Jennifer, the digital assistant of Freeday, handles all these questions and tickets saving hundreds of hours of work, the contact center agents can deliver value to customers on the more complex questions via phone or live chat.

Jennifer improves the customer experience and saves time for contact centers


Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce – Whatsapp – Microsoft Teams – Whatsapp – Zendesk – Genesys

Below you can find a demonstration of a WhatsApp interaction between a digital employee and a customer about the delivery status of a package. The video can be watched best in full screen.

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