Use Case: Revolutionary digital assistant to request policy information

Mary Evans
Last updated: 2 Jun 2022

Use Case: Revolutionary digital assistant to request policy information

Mary Evans
Last updated: 2 Jun 2022

Connect with our customer service agent Jennifer via multichannel chat to optimize answering policy information requests.

The Challenge

Agents occupy a large amount of time with answering question and giving policy information when requested. This task is repetitive making it so that they can spend less time performing other jobs. Employees are burdened with jobs that can be easily automated so they start to feel less motivated doing their jobs. Still, the customers needs their policy requests answered. The customers need a quick, reliable, and simple answer to their request of information.

A digital chat for policy information requests

To ensure a reliable and quick handover of policy information Freeday’s digital employee, Jennifer, is programmed with all necessary information for every customer and to give them all the information needed. Through a chat users can ask for for their needed information and answer a couple of short questions, to ensure maximum efficiency. The communication with Jennifer is dynamic and energizing for the user since she speaks like a normal employee.

The Results

Customers can now ask for their policy information through channels selected by the insurer. For example WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or a chat on the website. These channels are easy to use on all devices. The employees are no longer burdened with repetitive tasks while customers are still satisfied with the unparalleled service. There are no wait times, and the interactions are vibrant and reliable.

Jennifer unburdens the employees and saves precious time


Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce – WhatsApp – Facebook Messenger – SAP – AMS360 – Applied Epic – QQCatalyst – Sagitta – Applied TAM – Jenesis – and more!

Below you can find a demonstration of an interaction between a digital employee and a customer asking for policy information through the chat found on the insurers website. The video can be watched best in full screen.

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