WTISD: Helping seniors with our technology

Mary Evans
Last updated: 17 May 2022

WTISD: Helping seniors with our technology

Mary Evans
Last updated: 17 May 2022

Today, May 17th, is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD). Every year since 1969 the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has celebrated this remarkable day to raise awareness for the impressive potential the Internet, ICT, and other technologies have to better society and the economy, in addition to closing the digital divide. 

ITU aims for collaboration between countries and businesses in order to achieve this. Let Freeday help kickstart your business to make it the best and most inclusive so it can be to bridge the divide. 

Digital technologies for older persons and healthy aging

The fascinating theme for this year’s WTISD is ‘Digital technologies for older persons and healthy aging​’. This theme is important because by 2050 there will be 1.5 billion people aged 65 years or older according to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)

So as the world’s population is increasingly aging it is important to keep seniors engaged and confident in technological advancements and ensure that technology has been created so that they are able to use it easily

It is undeniable  that we all have to work together to make sure every person on the planet has access to the internet and online technologies, including the older population. This includes your business. That’s why Freeday is here to help you make the old feel young again.

Senior citizens are becoming increasingly comfortable and ambitious when it comes to technology. They, for example, have started to use smartphones. But that does not mean they are comfortable with all advances in technology. Or when they are made to feel incapable of using complex technology. 

It’s high time to think of the elderly when it comes to transforming your digital service. 

How Freeday can help

Freeday makes older generations feel more empowered in the digital world by improving the user experience of websites and online customer service. 

Your company can become more inclusive and skyrocket the business by employing Freeday’s digital employees. The digital employees are Conversational AI software that can be implemented as chatbots and voice bots.

There are 3 reasons digital employees are undeniably beneficial to the elderly, and why you should think about employing them to instantly improve and transform your UX.

Find information

With our Conversational AI it is easy to find the information they are looking for online and accomplish the tasks they set out to do. This is fantastically beneficial for the older population.

Digital employees can do marvellous things ranging from administering returns, to filing an insurance claim. Many examples can be found in our use-cases on the website. Freeday makes all of these tasks more efficient and productive by having the digital employees being able to answer questions and help complete tasks. This way the customers don’t have to scour the website to find the answers. They also don’t have to try and understand how to do what they need to.

Regular conversations

Not only can all the FAQs and repetitive tasks be compiled so the elders are unburdened with the search for the answers, but because Freeday makes use of Conversational AI the interactions and dialogue is stupid-simple too. Having digital employees (chatbots and voice bots) can make technology a lot less intimidating for the older population. The digital employees further help since they make use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

This is easier for older people since it is clear and similar to their usual speaking language, they don’t have to learn a new way of interacting with a chatbot as it is like texting their caretaker or (grand)children. A voice bot is also similar to calling real human customer service agents. This way they do not have to be anxious about their capabilities and instead get to feel liberated by the opportunity to do it themselves. The conversations also seem more dynamic, which is what the older generation craves.

Step-by-step instructions

Additionally, the digital employees give step-by-step instructions to the user to make for a reliable and fool-proof interaction. 

By telling the customer what to do every step of the way. Whether it is pressing a button or clicking a link, our digital employee’s guide the user through the process. This helps older people not be as anxious when it comes to the digital world. They do not have to have a high understanding of the technology at hand. Instead they are motivated by simple, easy, and intelligent instructions.

Final note

Since the elderly are eager to stay up to date, but can be slightly scared to use new technology and software, our revolutionary yet mind-blowingly simple to use digital employees are the ones to help them become courageous in their online adventures.

Interested in what our digital employees can do? check out our use-cases or the digital employee page

And take a look at the International Telecommunication Union’s website and LinkedIn for more information on World Telecommunications and Information Society Day.

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