Freeday Supports IT Vocational Education for Next Generation in Townships

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 5 Aug 2021

Freeday Supports IT Vocational Education for Next Generation in Townships

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 5 Aug 2021

Freeday and Net4kids join forces for young people in South Africa

Today we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with children’s aid organization Net4kids to offer young people from the townships in South Africa a better future. These vulnerable young people have grown up in poverty and inequality, which prevents them from having fair access to the labor market. Youth unemployment here is above 60%. Net4kids, the children’s aid organization for companies, is committed to a better and self-reliant future for young people worldwide – our next generation. It does this by connecting Dutch companies to appropriate, concrete children’s aid projects. We believe in this mission and as a socially responsible start-up we join the children’s aid organization. Partly with our support, IT vocational education for young talent is organized in Diepsloot, one of the townships near Johannesburg.

Investing in talents

Freeday offers a platform on which organizations can hire digital employees (robot assistants) to take over routine tasks. With this we offer our customers a unique solution that gives our own employees the freedom to do what they are good at and to develop their talents. This way of working fits in with the philosophy of Net4kids, which offers young people opportunities to develop to their full potential. To help as many young people in South Africa as possible on their way to an independent and independent existence, Freeday has joined Net4kids’ 1% For The Next Generation program. We invest 1% of our profit and time in a project for young people in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, almost immediately from our inception.

IT Vocational Education in South Africa

Freeday’s support goes to the ‘Skills Development’ project, which targets South African young adults aged 18-35. Within this project, young talent is offered IT vocational education that meets the needs of the local labor market. The program also includes training courses such as financial administration, entrepreneurial skills and marketing. This prepares the students for the labor market and gives them all the tools to find a job or start up a successful business themselves. These new companies also provide more jobs in the townships. Participation in the ‘Skills Development’ project is therefore not only of value for the students personally, but also for the community.

1% For The Next Generation

The young South African students are helped by the fact that we share 1% of our profit and time. This contributes to education, workshops and guidance towards a career in the IT sector.

Freeday co-founder Marcus Groeneveld

Marcus Groeneveld, co-founder Freeday: “We are convinced that supporting ownership of the local community helps to realize the so-called ripple effect. More and more people can develop their talents in this way. This fits in seamlessly with our mission: Unlock Human Potential.”

Net4kids is also proud of the collaboration with the innovative technology company. “Implementing our 1% For The Next Generation program at such an early stage shows that you don’t have to wait until the company is profitable to make social engagement concrete. You no longer have to convince your shareholders afterwards and you take your employees directly in your social objectives,” says Loek van den Boog, founder Net4kids.

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