Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 26 Apr 2022

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 26 Apr 2022

A WhatsApp chat interaction with Jennifer, the webshop chat assistant, to handle interactions about scheduling and organizing a return, resulting in a higher convenience and a decreased workload for customer care agents.

The Challenge

Customer Care Agents within eCommerce spent a significant part of their time on customer contact to organize scheduling a return. The average response time is often too long to meet expectations of customers, resulting in a decreased user experience. Both impact the revenue of webshop businesses in the short and long term. Customers increasingly expect to handle their interactions via various channels. Interaction via whatsapp particularly, makes a shopping experience more personalized.

The Solution: A webshop chat assistant

The webshop customer can ask Jennifer, the webshop chat assistant, for help to organize and schedule a return. She can help the customer on a personal level, when she receives the order number. By asking a few questions and providing shipping labels, nearby package drop-off service points and the ultimate date to return the item, Jennifer provides the customer with everything they need.

The Results

Customers of eCommerce businesses can also be serviced via Web chat or Whatsapp. This interactive way of servicing adds value to the personalized shopping experience, decreases actual tickets for customer care agents to pick up and fits in the trend where customers desire and expect to contact shops via various channels.

A webshop chat assistant for more convenience and improved personalized shopping experience


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Below you can find a demonstration of a WhatsApp interaction between a digital employee and customer about scheduling a return with their webshop. The video can also be watched in full screen.

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