Use Case: Digital chat automated to apply for insurance

Mary Evans
Last updated: 25 May 2022

Use Case: Digital chat automated to apply for insurance

Mary Evans
Last updated: 25 May 2022

A chat interaction with Jennifer, the digital customer service agent, to improve user experience by automating applying for insurance.

The Challenge

When a person wants to apply for insurance it has to be arranged by the agent at the company and a lot of forms have to be found and filled in. Often this application is repetitive, this wastes the customer service employees’ time as they have to do the same simple task over and over again. Yet the applications still have to be handled with care to make sure ensure no mistakes are made. This is why a digital customer service insurance chat would be optimal to save time.

The Solution: A digital chat

Jennifer is a digital assistant that integrates with the frontend and backend systems and software used. Jennifer can easily arrange the insurance applications for the customers. She does this by asking the customer simple questions, before sending them to a link to fill in the forms needed. When Jennifer is unable to assist the customer, she will forward the question to a real customer service representative. 

The Results

People can apply for insurance in a quick and simple way without all the extra inconvenience, which are then handled and integrated in the necessary software. Because of this the customer is satisfied with the service as there was no wait time and The customer could quickly apply for the insurance. Additionally, the customer service employees are happy that they have more time to spend on more intensive tasks.

Jennifer saves employees time and is available 24/7


Zendesk – Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce – AMS360 – Applied Epic – QQCatalyst – Sagitta – Applied TAM – Jenesis – And more!

Below you can find a demonstration of a Facebook Messenger interaction between a digital employee and customer giving the information to apply for insurance. The video can also be watched in full screen.

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