Use Case: Digital assistant to automate and improve check for network failure

Mary Evans
Last updated: 29 Jul 2022

Use Case: Digital assistant to automate and improve check for network failure

Mary Evans
Last updated: 29 Jul 2022

An interaction with a digital customer service employee to improve efficiency and user experience when checking for network failure.

The Challenge: Check network failure

Agents working at contact centres for telcos occupy a large amount of time with checking for network failure. This repetitive yet important task that makes it so that they can spend less time performing other jobs. Still, the customers need their network so failures have to be checked for. They need a clear, informative, and quick way to check for network failures.

The Solution: Use a digital employee to check for network failure

To solve the challenge of limited time versus quality service Freeday has created Jennifer to take over the task of checking network failure when the customer asks. Users can easily schedule and appointment using a chat without any hassle while the customer service agents are unburdened by the additional task of responding to the customer and having to look a location up.

The Results

To ensure quick and easy information Jennifer is set up to find the networks that are failing for every user and to give them all the information need. Through a chat users can ask for network failure checks and can answer a couple of short questions, or enter their location. This way Jenifer can locate any network failures and inform the customer and the people equipped to handle a failure. The process is quick, simple, trustworthy, and most of all is a positive experience for the user.

Jennifer brings a fast responses and 24/7 availability


Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce  – WhatsApp – Facebook Messenger – Zendesk –  SAP – Google- and more!

Below you can find a demonstration of a customer messaging Jennifer on the website to check for network failures. The video can be watched best in full screen.

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