4 Big Contact Center trends in 2022

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 22 Dec 2021

4 Big Contact Center trends in 2022

Mathijs van der Kooi
Last updated: 22 Dec 2021

It’s that time of the year again. Lists, predictions, looking back. We also have a vision on how the contact center industry develops over the next year and would love to share this with you in 4 big trends.

1. Usage of Conversational AI will increase

The possibilities in using Conversational AI to improve processes, cut operational costs and increase customer satisfaction continue to grow. Also in 2022. Instant sentiment analysis, build your own voice brand or ‘synthetic’ contact center agents enable you to make your robotic service experience unique and recognizable. Seems far away, but it is already happening.

2. Omnichannel presence is vital

The channel preference varies greatly by age. Connecting your channel strategy to your clients is essential to be(come) convenient. It also gives that boost you are looking for in customer satisfaction.

3. Customer Satisfaction becomes even more important

Most businesses have competition with similar offerings. Distinguishing via customer satisfaction and engagement is a no-brainer. To accomplish this, a customer journey map helps organizations to get a clear and joint view on important touch points and their clients jobs to be done. You can only make the right decisions with a deep understanding of your clients. This way they can decide to focus more on efficiency through automation or to handle that call or to deliberately have that call handled personally by an agent.

4. Usage of essential insights through customer data 

With every channel further digitized, automated or at least measured, you can use this in reporting, decision making and improve processes. For instance to train AI, to closely monitor the performance of your contact center and experiment with iterative improvements. But also to get a better understanding of your customer. And in 2022 smart software more often helps you to predict when it should be the best time to call a client back with what message or offering.

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