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Use Case: Use a voice bot to schedule a healthcare appointment

Use Jennifer, our digital employee, to improve patient experience when needing to schedule a healthcare appointment. The Challenge To schedule a healthcare appointment is an […]

16 Jun 2022

Use Case: Automated digital chat assistant to book a rental

Use Jennifer, our digital customer service agent, to improve customer experience when needing to book a rental. The Challenge To book a rental is an […]

13 Jun 2022

Use Case: Digital chat assistant to elevate leaving reviews

Connect with our customer service agent Jennifer using a digital chat to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency when leaving reviews in the hospitality and travel […]

8 Jun 2022

Use Case: Revolutionary digital assistant to request policy information

Connect with our customer service agent Jennifer via multichannel chat to optimize answering policy information requests. The Challenge Agents occupy a large amount of time […]

2 Jun 2022

Use Case: Report a missing package through voice bot

Interaction with digital customer service employee Jennifer to improve performance of missing package reports. The Challenge Packages often go missing, and they have to be […]

31 May 2022

Use Case: Digital chat automated to apply for insurance

A chat interaction with Jennifer, the digital customer service agent, to improve user experience by automating applying for insurance. The Challenge When a person wants […]

25 May 2022

WTISD: Helping seniors with our technology

Today, May 17th, is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD). Every year since 1969 the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has celebrated this remarkable day […]

17 May 2022

The What, Why and How of Digital Transformation in Telecom

You might have come across the term digital transformation before. But what is it and why is it so important? Is digital transformation even relevant? […]

13 May 2022

Using Technology As a Solution To the Labor Shortage

*Statistics and numbers edited on May 17th* You might have heard about the Great Resignation in the United States, where there is a massive trend […]

11 May 2022

Freeday Announces 4 Million Euro Seed Funding Round to Accelerate Its Growth Strategy

Freeday announces a EUR. 4 million seed funding round led by henQ to elevate the brand and accelerate its international growth strategy. Freeday will use […]

10 May 2022

Use Case: Conduct new employee engagement through digital chat

A multi-channel chat interaction (Whatsapp, Slack, Teams, Telegram, Messenger) to make engagement with new employees more efficient using digital employee Jessy. This results in more […]

10 May 2022

Use Case: Check delivery status via chat

A chat service (multi channel options) with Freeday’s digital employee Jennifer to check delivery status via chat  of mobile app services like Whatsapp, Telegram and […]

6 May 2022

Use Case: Report absenteeism via multi-channel chat

A multi-channel chat interaction (Whatsapp, Slack, Teams, Telegram, Messenger) with digital employee Jennifer to make it easier for employees to report absenteeism. This results in […]

28 Apr 2022

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

A WhatsApp chat interaction with Jennifer, the webshop chat assistant, to handle interactions about scheduling and organizing a return, resulting in a higher convenience and […]

26 Apr 2022

Use Case: Digital telecom chat to automate upgrading subscriptions

A WhatsApp Chat interaction with digital employee Jennifer to improve customer service efficiency and user experience when upgrading subscriptions. The Challenge Agents occupy a large […]

22 Apr 2022

Use Case: Digital Chat Automated to Optimize Filing Insurance Claims

A WhatsApp interaction with digital customer service employee Jennifer to improve efficiency in filing insurance claims. The Challenge Customer service agents and customers alike spend […]

21 Apr 2022

Customer Experience in the Postal and Delivery Industry

  Bad customer experience is a big problem for postal companies. The amount of complaints are growing to a new high. But how did this […]

20 Apr 2022

Freeday verhuist binnen Rotterdam naar de Vijverhoflaan

Na opening van de eerste vestiging van Freeday in de VS vorige maand verhuist het hoofdkantoor naar een nieuwe ruimere locatie binnen Rotterdam. Sinds de […]

17 Jan 2022

4 Big Contact Center trends in 2022

It’s that time of the year again. Lists, predictions, looking back. We also have a vision on how the contact center industry develops over the […]

22 Dec 2021

NYC office zorgt voor internationalisering van AI-bedrijf Freeday

16 december 2021 – AI-software bedrijf Freeday heeft vandaag de deuren geopend van haar nieuwe vestiging in New York. Na snelle groei van het platform […]

16 Dec 2021

Europe’s attempts to recover from Labor Shortage

Europe was the most affected continent after the pandemic. The pandemic saw a significant fall in labor supply in European countries like the Netherlands. It’s […]

9 Nov 2021

Freeday Customer Service Learn & Lunch Sessie

Op dinsdag 23 november van 12-13 uur organiseert Freeday een speciale online Learn & Lunch sessie voor directie en management binnen Customer Service omgevingen.  Schaars […]

8 Nov 2021

Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Customer Support – Which One is Better?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping automate more and more tasks at the workplace, including customer support. Conversational AI is so efficient that human operators are […]

7 Oct 2021

How the 4th industrial revolution will affect the labor market

The 4th industrial revolution is an advancement in technology that will have profound implications for the future of work. It is characterized by advances in […]

5 Oct 2021

Chat bots based on AI – Pros & Cons compared to Human Operators

More than 50% of the world’s leading companies are utilizing artificial intelligence to improve customer service. Also, at least 45% of customers are glad to […]

27 Sep 2021

How Conversational AI Outperforms Chatbots – A Brief Overview

More and more companies are integrating chat bots into their customer support services. However, some companies’ chatbots are basic at best, while others would be […]

22 Sep 2021

Online Sessie: Kostenreductie en 5 andere redenen voor Artificial Intelligence robots in Finance

Op maandag 4 oktober organiseert Freeday een speciale online sessie­ gericht op beslissers binnen een financiële rol. Tijdens deze sessie worden de kansen en mogelijkheden […]

20 Sep 2021

Why A Virtual Contact Center Assistant is of Great Value

Many contact centers in the Netherlands are grappling with a shortage of employees, increasing personnel costs and high staff turnover. This is not a new […]

9 Sep 2021

Freeday Supports IT Vocational Education for Next Generation in Townships

Freeday and Net4kids join forces for young people in South Africa Today we are proud to announce that we are joining forces with children’s aid organization […]

5 Aug 2021