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Professional group: Finance
Function: Financial assistant
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About John

The Finance & Accounting department performs hundreds of essential, yet repetitive tasks, ranging from credit checks or KYC actions to reconciling banking operations. Many of these tasks have to be performed daily with strict time constraints. The Finance & Accounting department works with a high workload and cannot afford to make any mistakes. Our digital employee John relieves his colleagues of the tedious and repetitive tasks and carries out the task with the utmost precision.

John reports his performance in a dashboard. Here you – as a manager – can monitor the number of tasks he has performed, the quality of his work and other insightful indicators and metrics.

John is part of the digital assistance team of Freeday, together with Jessy (HR assistant), Jennifer (Customer Service assistant), Richard (IT assistant), and Florence (Healthcare assistant) he helps to unlock the human potential at departments by taking over repetitive robotic tasks.

Responsibilities of our digital employee John
Perform credit checks
Accounts Payable
KYC operations
Bank reconciliation
Create, send, and follow up on invoices
Collect and enter data for various financial spreadsheets
Reconcile any discrepancies or errors

Financial assistant

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