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Function: HR assistant

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About Jessy

Every day, the Human Resource department receives HR questions that lead to repetitive, non-value-adding tasks, such as looking up how many vacation days someone has left, whether Good Friday is a public holiday or when salaries are paid. Not only does Jessy answer these questions quickly, she also works on important activities such as expense management.

Artificial intelligence and RPA
Digital employee Jessy works via a central control room that organizes all of Jessy’s work. Her colleagues can talk to her via Teams / Meets account, where they can, for example, ask her to submit a declaration. Jessy will ask you for all the information she needs to complete the actions. In addition, Jessy will perform her daily actions based on a schedule defined in the control room, through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and RPA.

Responsibilities of our digital employee Jessy
Pre-employment verifications
Expense Management
Absence Management
Office and Meeting Management
Transportation Coordination

HR assistant

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