Customer service assistant

Professional group: Customer service
Function: Customer service assistant
Save: Up to 5.000 euro per month

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About Jennifer

Every day the customer service mailbox is filled with a huge load of e-mails, chats come in and often there is also a lot of telephone contact. An employee must read, understand, classify and move the emails to the appropriate mailbox. That is a typical example of repetitive tasks that do not add value. Another example is running the same audit questions on an incoming chat or phone call every single time. In addition, clients often share many similar questions. These are tasks that can be perfectly performed by our digital employee Jennifer. Jennifer works all day, every day. Even on weekends. She also works quickly and accurately. And if it gets really busy for a period of time, she also works flawlessly for 2, or 10 if needed.

Via chat, mail, but also by telephone, Jennifer effortlessly handles frequently asked questions. She can schedule and process appointments and, for example, share the status of an order with a customer. Jennifer reports her performance in a dashboard. Here you – as a manager – can monitor the number of tasks she has performed, the quality of her work and other insightful indicators and metrics.

Jennifer is part of the digital workforce of Freeday, together with Jessy (HR assistant), John (Finance & Accounting assistant), Richard (IT assistant) and Florence (Healthcare assistant) she helps to unlock the human potential at departments by taking over repetitive tasks.

Responsibilities of our digital employee Jennifer
Answer incoming FAQ’s and respond to customer’s messages
Identify and escalate issues to supervisors
Process orders, forms, and applications
Document all call information according to standard operating procedures

Customer service assistant

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