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Professional group: Healthcare

Function: Healthcare assistant

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About Florence

Every day, many clients and patients are supported by home care organizations, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The healthcare administration receives many questions by mail, phone and via chat on a daily basis, resulting in even more administrative and repetitive, non-value-adding tasks, such as completing quality registrations, mail labeling, sorting, answering similar questions countless times during interactions by phone and chat. But for the clients and patients administration must be errorless. A single mistake could have a big impact.

Artificial intelligence and RPA

Digital employee Florence works via a central control room that organizes all of Florence’s work. She picks up tasks within the outpatient administration 24/7 and works very fast and errorless. If needed, Florence will ask one of her colleagues ask for additional information she needs to complete the actions. For instance when she receives questions via chat, mail or voice that need to be answer in person. In addition, Florence will perform her daily actions based on a schedule defined in the control room, through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and RPA.

Responsibilities of our digital employee Florence
Quality Registrations
Source and Contact Research via chat
Outpatient Administration

Healthcare assistant

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