Customer service

Interested in Customer Service Automation for your contact center? At Freeday you can hire Jennifer within three weeks to help your team, without upfront investments, by taking over repetitive tasks like:

  • appointment scheduling,
  • forwarding calls
  • answer frequently asked questions

Jennifer can perform these tasks via phone, chat or mail. And through different languages when required. With these kind of client interactions the AHT (average handling time) and CES (customer effort score) are way more important than a personalized and in-person treatment.

Not only can your team perform the more complex, challenging and one off tasks (which makes a job more fun, right?!) but Jennifer is faster, more accurate, flexible, scalable than a real employee. And your costs will drop. And that is a promise! 

We love to provide you more information and answer all your questions. Please contact us.

You can also find more information about Jennifer here.

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