Unlock Human Potential.

Freeday is an IT implementation company dedicated to helping organizations unlock human potential through smart automation of business processes. With an integrated approach to Conversational AI and Cognitive Technology, we can offer our customers uniquely robust solutions to give employees the freedom they deserve again.

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It’s a puzzle – and we’re experts at every piece!

Freeday is built on the belief that properly implemented digital workforce will change the world for the better. We believe people should be able to focus on what they are good at or what energizes them – and that belief grows stronger with every digital workforce we deploy. We are energized by the breakthrough opportunities at the cutting edge of RPA and AI technology

Up to 50% Cheaper than a human employee

Digital employees require no recruitment, holidays or lunch breaks.

No Upfront Costs

Hiring a digital employee is not an IT project. It requires no upfront investment.

Flexible and Scalable

Digital employees work 5 times faster and 24/7. They can also scale infinity.

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times faster

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cheaper on average

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Not just any employee

Our digital employee is not a visible robot in a way that it will sit next to you in an office. But our digital employees will take over certain tasks or parts of a job. This way – depending on their job description – they will collaborate with the rest of the team. Or at least help them becoming more successful.

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